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2022 All-New:

  • New chassis layout with center slipper/diff, motor and battery moved significantly forward makes the car faster and easier to drive on any surface.
  • Unique XRAY one-way center slipper with precisely adjustable slipper for more forward traction, less diving under braking and easier landings
  • Revised chassis with forward design and optimized flex
  • Side guards have now symmetrical mounting to the chassis left and right
  • Chassis features multiple battery mounting positions with various O-ring diameters for every battery size
  • Center dogbones for better performance and less maintenance
  • New front & rear diff outdrives for center dogbones with inner O-rings to eliminate damage in high impacts
  • New redesigned servo holder matches new chassis design and the more forward layout
  • Shorter radio plate is fitted directly on chassis so it has no negative effect on chassis flex
  • New aluminum center bulkhead to fit new XRAY one-way center slipper (Carpet version)
  • Unified arm length for both Carpet and Dirt versions. Both kits come with short length hard front arms and long hard rear arms in the hard composite
  • New shorter front lower chassis brace to accommodate the more forward layout
  • New front lower graphite chassis brace (Dirt version) to match the more forward layout


The chassis is revised to place weight further forward, with new side guard mounting positions for symmetrical flex, new fan holder mounting positions and multiple battery position choices to adjust the weight balance.

Chassis Layout.

The new chassis layout moves center diff/slipper, motor and battery significantly forwards and increases stability, allows more aggressive landings and makes the car more forgiving.

Chassis Brace.

The front chassis T-Brace in Carpet edition increases front stability on high traction tracks and makes the car more predictable and easier to drive. The shorter graphite brace in Dirt edition is more flex to increase traction on low grip surfaces.

Slipper One-way Clutch 2-in-1.

All-new unique Multi-Adjustable Slipper One-way Clutch features 2-in-1 functionality with the adjustable central slipper clutch and a new adjustable front One-way Slipper to lock-in the front end under acceleration and to adjust slipper off-power handling which influences how easy the car is on landing and under high-speed braking as well prevents traction roll at corner entry.

Central Dogbone Drive Shafts.

The central drivetrain features new outdrives and dogbone driveshafts that offer reduced maintenance compared to previous CVD drive shafts.

Central Bulkhead.

To match the dimensions of the new one-way slipper, an aluminum central bulkhead and graphite top deck were redesigned for the Carpet edition.

Servo Mount.

The servo mount was redesigned to fit the new frontward chassis layout and features two aluminum stands with graphite stiffener from top.

Side Guards.

Side guards are updated to match the new chassis layout. The new version offers symmetric mounting positions on the chassis to ensure equal left-to-right flex characteristics.

Suspension Arms.

Both Carpet and Dirt editions now feature the same length suspension arms. The front hard arms are shorter to increase stability and rear hard arms are longer for increased traction.

Electronics Plate.

A handy, compact electronics plate for speed control mounting provides quick & easy removal and assembly. Redesigned to fit the new chassis layout and side guards, the plate is now mounted directly to the chassis instead of the side guards to reduce the impact on chassis flex characteristics.

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