JConcepts Carpet/Turf/Dirt Pre-Cut High Clearance Wing (7" Wide)
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JConcepts Carpet/Turf/Dirt Pre-Cut High Clearance Wing (7" Wide)

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The JConcepts Carpet/Turf/Dirt Pre-Cut High Clearance...

JConcepts Carpet/Turf/Dirt Pre-Cut High Clearance Wing (7" Wide)
The JConcepts Carpet/Turf/Dirt Pre-Cut High Clearance Wing has been developed with a pro-level height and rake angle. Designed to fit most 1/10 2WD and 4WD vehicles, this optional wing features a short-chord design allows for quick rotation while the flat-base provides more tire clearance. The durable and pre-trimmed design has chopped rear corners for rigidity plus a traditional lower-level gurney to achieve less drag over large jumps.

The side-dams of the wing feature hard radius cut-outs which allow even more tire rear expansion and flex. JConcepts then added dual stability fangs to help boost the front to rear structure. The rear of the wing still maintains a high-angle giving drivers a straight-forward layout suited to high-speed circuits.

  • Pre-trimmed
  • Innovative 7” High Clearance Wing design, durable material
  • Clipped rear corners minimize breakage
  • Large openings for tire clearance and expansion
  • Pro-level height and rake angle
  • 1/10th off-road wizardry, ROAR National Champion
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